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Smart Home

When we talk about “Smart Homes,” we’re referring to a set-up in which equipment and appliances may be managed remotely via the internet or another networked device, whether on a mobile phone, for example…

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Smart Solutions

Smart solutions are systems that combine breakthrough technology in both hardware (Internet of Things) and software. They are frequently used in many aspects of life, ranging from smart workplaces to autos to cities…

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Cyber Security

To prevent a cyberattack on your IT infrastructure or specific applications, what steps should you take? The most potent cyberthreats are tailored to exploit the particular weaknesses of each individual enterprise. To stay on top of industry best practices…

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CCTV, commonly referred to as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to convey a signal to a certain location and display it on a constrained number of displays. The transmission is not openly broadcasted, unlike broadcast television, albeit…

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Fiber Optics

What is Fiber Optic?
Fiber optics is a technology that transmits information as light pulses across great distances using strands of glass or plastic fiber…

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A network is at the core of any business, providing the connectivity, performance, and availability that the business need for both data and voice. Employee, partner, supplier, and consumer connectivity High performance for your mission-critical applications…

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We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as experience.

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Yamme GPS Tracking Platform

Yamme systems give fleet managers all the tools they need to keep track of, follow, and control their vehicles, including the ability to turn them off or lock them, as well as monitor their speed and traffic violations…

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