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Smart Home & Access Control

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Monitor, control and protect your home and workplace, make your lifestyle easier with smart home systems and central access control system

Smart Home

When we talk about “Smart Homes,” we’re referring to a set-up in which equipment and appliances may be managed remotely via the internet or another networked device, whether on a mobile phone, for example. The internet connects all of the devices in a smart home, allowing the owner to control anything from the temperature and lights in the house to the home theater from a distance.



Smart Home vector
1 million
Smart homes across the world 2021
10 billion $
Money spent on security systems
0 billion $
Smart home market forecast by 2026
0 %
Smart homes with voice assistant
  • With an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet, residents of a smart home are able to operate their appliances, thermostats, lights, and other equipment from a remote location using the connected device.
  • Both wireless and hardwired connectivity options are available for use in the construction of smart houses.
    The technology behind the smart home offers homeowners convenience as well as potential savings.
  • Both the manufacturers and users of smart home technologies continue to face a number of security concerns and problems.

Access Control

Access Control, often known as AC, is the process of selectively restricting access to a location or other resource, whereas access management is the term used to describe the process itself in the disciplines of information security and physical security. Consuming, entering, or utilizing something might all be considered forms of accessing that thing. Authorization is another word for having permission to access a resource.

Locks and login credentials are two forms of access control that are very similar to one another.

Access Control Market Snapshot

Key Card Access Control
7.65 billion $
Access control market 2018-2026
0 %
CAGR 2021-2026

What are the most important parts of controlling access?

Physical Security

  • Network identification and control.
  • Interdepartmental requirements and perimeter security.
  • Physical computer control.

Technical Security

  • User access.
  • Network encryptions and IT security protocols.
  • Architecture.

Administrative Security

  • Design a functional access control plan.
  • Role-based security and supervision.

What Daw Alfada offers

Access Control Solutions

Modern access control software that mixes the most sophisticated security technologies with unique networking features to provide comprehensive security solutions for facilities of any size.

Hardware & Accessories

control panels and hardware that are adaptable, dependable, and extendable for your access security system.

Visitor Management Systems

Providing an easy and effective means to register, badge, track, and manage your facility's visitor flow can help you get the most out of your investment in access control and perimeter protection.

Access Control Readers

Our Access Systems provide a comprehensive selection of readers, including those for proximity, Wiegand, keypad, magnetic stripe, bar code, and biometric identification.

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