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Fiber Optic


What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber optics is a technology that transmits information as light pulses across great distances using

strands of glass or plastic fiber.

Why Fiber Optics

Fiber optics makes it possible for network providers to meet the growing demand of customers for

high-speed network connections and broadband capacity over long distances while lowering

the costs of electricity and maintenance.

There are four main advantages in which fiber optics are preferred over copper wire:

  • Bigger Bandwidth
  • Faster speed, longer distance
  • More opposition
  • Better Security
Global Fiber Optic Connectors Market, By Types

• LC (Lucent Connectors)

• SC (Standard Connectors)

• ST (Straight Tip) Connectors

• MPO/MTP (Multiple-Fiber Push-On/Pull-Off) Connectors

• MXC Connectors

• Others

Global Fiber Optic Connectors Market, By Applications

• Telecom Industry

• Datacom

• DWDM systems

• Lasers

• Others

Fiber Optic Cables Submarine Map

an illustration of fiber optic cables around the world

Why is Daw Alfada the best choice?

Daw Alfada creates and manages the deployment of FTTx networks and projects, including custom network design, network optimization, and installation training.
We increased our ability to provide full, end-to-end Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) solutions.

We offer full FTTx solutions.

  • Fiber to the home
  • Fiber to the antenna
  • Fiber to the desk
  • Fiber to the building
  • Fiber to Curb or Fiber to the Node
  • Fiber to the Neighborhood
  • Fiber to the Distribution point

Between the carrier network and the end user, FTTx is a telecommunications infrastructure.The x represents the designated area such as the location of the user’s house or office.

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