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SUN-DWDM DWDM Transmission System

48 transmission channels in maximum, speed rate can reach 40Gbit s in a single channel

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  • Large capacity
  •  Using optical fiber with single mode at present, the transmission rate of each channel can reach 10Gbit/s. And the total capacity can be 160Gbit/s.
  •  1+1 backup system for heat redundancy of power supply
  •  Flexible and transparent access for various rates and services
  •  It provides various rate and service accesses which can support the services of Ethernet, PDH, SDH, and CATV and etc.
  •  The interfaces of the plug and play customer service module cards can be both optical fiber port and RJ 45 Ethernet port.
  •  Customers can choose its type flexibly according to their requirement.
  •  Support single fiber, Bidi and dual fiber, Bidi transmission at the COM port of this system.
  •  Flexible network management configuration and management mode
  •  This system has high efficiency and eminence performance to protect customers’ benefit and investment.