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  • Art No :HG323RG
  • Material:ABS Plastic
  • Size :185mm*120mm*34mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight:0.24Kg
  • Description :HG323RG terminal devices are designed for fulfilling FTTH and triple play service demand of fixed network operators or cable operators.
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G/EPON 1GE+1FE+WiFi+CATV ONU meets telecom operators FTTO (office), FTTD (Desk) ,FTTH(Home) broadband speed, SOHO broadband access, video surveillance and other requirements to design an EPON/GPON Gigabit Ethernet products. It is based on mature and stable, cost-effective EPON/GPON technology, high reliability, easy management, configuration flexibility and good quality of service (QoS) guarantees to meet the technical performance of IEEE802.3ah and ITU-TG.984.x , China Telecom EPON/GPON equipment technical requirements and other specifications.