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16 PON EPON OLT V1600D16

  • Model  :V1600D16
  • Material:Steel Shell
  • Size :442mm*320mm*43.6mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight:6.5kg
  • Description :16 EPON port,10GE Uplink, Automatic configuration,Automatic upgrade, EMS & Web management
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V1600D16 EPON OLT product is a 1U chassis device with L3 function developed by VSOL. It complies with IEEE802.3ah standard and China CTC 2.1/3.0 standard, compatible with mainstream brand ONU access, easy to build EPON network flexibly and efficiently. It is smart, easy to deploy, and high performance. It is smart, easy to deploy, and high performance, meeting the performance and volume requirements of users in different environments, and It also supports rich operation and maintenance tools such as EMS, WEB, Telnet, SSH and mobile APP, provides users with stable, efficient and value-added network access services.

The product is suitable for “Triple-Play”, CPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and IOT applications.

V1600D16 EPON OLT provides 16*EPON Port, 4*GE(RJ45) Port, 4*GE(SFP) and 4*10GE(SFP+) Port. It can support 1024 ONU under 1:64 splitter ratio.