Daw Alfada | شركة ضوء الفضاء

Our approach

Daw Alfada treats each client’s business as if it were our own. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, match our motivations with their goals, and work together to realize their full potential. This results in meaningful and satisfying partnerships.

The proper technique is required for the desired outcome. Daw Alfada approaches work by applying its exterior expertise to the internal workings of your firm. We understand that in order to increase the chances of success for your project, we must tailor our experience to your style of doing business. This enables us to cultivate meaningful ties with our clients.

Collaboration Standards

We believe in collaborating closely with our customers and are dedicated to aiding them with the development and implementation of their communication strategy. Daw Alfada has the capacity to deliver full turnkey network implementation from original design to commissioning and maintenance support, thanks to the expertise of our highly skilled design and project management staff.

Our Values

Our corporate principles and values influence our actions and final products to reflect how we conduct business and how we wish to be perceived by our clients and sales partners. Our business values include dependability, quality, innovation, honesty, respect, and teamwork.


Daw Alfada’ s mission statement is to deliver world-class engineering, value-added solutions, and the highest levels of service and support to our clients. Our clients are our most valuable assets, and we’ve managed to have a zero-customer defection rate because of our passion and dedication to our aims and goals. We aspire to maintain our position as the leading supplier of high-end fiber optics and smart solutions and equipment.


Our aim is to develop, manufacture, and distribute fiber optic products and solutions, as well as information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. We are devoted to long-term sustainability, and we invest in innovation and human resources to ensure that all of our goods and services are of the highest quality.